Friday Favorites: Onsite Printing

We are so excited to share that we have brought our printing onsite! Now, every step from designing to printing to sewing takes place right here in our warehouse on St. Simons Island, GA. This means faster turnaround time, greater quality control, and more options for you!

Who prints the PillowGraces?

The founder of PillowGrace, Julie Rowland, prayerfully designs and prints each and every PillowGrace. After the design is finalized, Julie sends the image to the printer, where it digitally prints the design onto the fabric of your choice. The printed fabric then goes upstairs to our sewing room to be made into a pillow case by our seamstress, Bonnie.

What is the new turnaround time for a PillowGrace?

Prior to onsite printing, production time for a PillowGrace was 4-6 weeks. Now, it takes just 3-14 business days.

Is it possible to get a PillowGrace in less than 3 days?

Yes! We do our best to expedite orders whenever possible. We are often able to have orders ready in just a few hours. Always reach out to us to see if we can help you!

How do I know the ink won’t wash out?

Our printing method uses an eco-friendly, water-based ink that is digitally printed into the fabric. This means you won’t feel the ink when you run your hand over it (or rest your head on it!). The ink is set into the fabric, making it permanent and perfectly safe for washing.


Onsite Printing from PillowGrace on Vimeo.

Friday Favorites: Cotton

Did you know there are three fabrics to choose from when selecting your PillowGrace? We offer 100% ultra-sateen cotton, 55% cotton / 45% silk blend, and 19MM silk. We use only the highest quality, all-natural fabrics to make each and every PillowGrace. Today, we’re talking about cotton, the classic staple for home goods. Ours is soft and lightweight with a slight sheen. It is tightly woven for durability, making it machine washable and safe for the dryer.
We talked to Payton Jane Cochran, one of our #PillowGracePrincesses, about why she loves her cotton PillowGrace. Payton is a soft-spoken 8-year-old who loves Jesus and the great outdoors. While visiting the farm of PillowGrace founders Hank and Julie Rowland, Payton learned all about the fabric her PillowGrace is made of from “Uncle Hank”.
Do you have a PillowGrace?
Yes. I have a cotton, pink and purple PillowGrace with Lord Bless You verses. I like that my monogram is on it because my sister, Kendall, likes to take it. So, I can remind her that it’s mine when I show her my monogram.
Tell us what you learned about cotton from Uncle Hank.
Cotton is my favorite fabric because it is fluffy and white. I liked learning that our clothes and pillow cases are made from a plant. It all starts with a seed that grows into a plant. The pretty blossom becomes a boll that bursts into cotton strands. I’m so thankful for Eli Whitney for inventing the cotton gin because removing the seeds is hard work!

A If you could have lunch with someone form the Bible, who would it be?

Jesus. It would be fun because he is my friend. I would thank Him for sacrificing himself for us.

What would you like to ask God?

How did you make the whole Earth? The planets and stars? All the animals and the cotton seed?

Are you named for someone? Who?

My middle name is Jane. My mom chose this name for me because she was very close to her grandmother and role model, Jane. She was a very strong woman with a very big faith.

Sunrise or Sunset?

I like sunsets because of all the pretty colors that are in the sky.

Payton seeing her PillowGrace for the first time. (Lord Bless You design with Vine monogram and cross in pink and purple)

Payton learning how cotton grows and is harvested from Uncle Hank.

“My great grandfather was a cotton farmer and taught me the life cycle of the cotton plant. It has given me great joy to be reminded of God’s given resource through the eyes of a child.” -Hank Rowland

Cotton blossom




Friday Favorites: Lord Bless You

We are delighted to introduce you to one of our favorite customers, Melanie Brown. Melanie hand-picked each verse in what is now known as our “Lord Bless You” to create a beautiful compilation of scriptures for her grandchildren, who lovingly refer to her as Mimi. She was kind enough to share a little bit about her faith and what inspired her with us.


Would you please share a little insight on the verses you chose for the PillowGrace you wanted your grandchildren to rest assured and arise restored on?

My heart felt desire is for our grandchildren to know that the Bible is Gods very special letter to them.  It is full of wisdom and love, comfort and peace, mercy and grace.  As each child grows, they will understand more of the depth of God’s love.  Already, each of these children insist on carrying their PILLOW GRACE everywhere they travel.  It already holds a special place in their little hearts!  Even little Ford who is only 20 months old. The scriptures chosen on their pillows will be constant reminders of God’s love and power.  There are verses to teach them how God wants them to live for Him, and verses to show them how to love and serve others.  My prayer is that these verses will follow them through life.

What would you like to ask God?

If I could ask God one thing it would be to guide these precious children into his kingdom.

Are you named for someone? Whom?

Both myself and my daughter are named after my mother Ruth, the Old Testament figure who taught us so much about following Gods will in our lives…  another prayer to have for our little ones!

Sunrise or sunset?

From our back-porch, Byron and I love to watch the glorious sunsets on our beautiful Island with our grandchildren and whisper about God’s Creation and His bountiful Blessings for them.  They search for the moon and the stars and they know that our God created them just as he created everything.


Lord Bless You” shown in a standard size pillow case featuring the name Bodie and a boudoir pillow featuring our anchor motif.

Melanie’s youngest grandson, Ford, sleeping soundly with his PillowGrace.

Grace’s custom PillowGrace with the verses chosen by her Mimi.